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Monday, May 3, 2010

Who is going to Barker Street?


I once did this assignment for our Human Behavior in an Organization class, it was given for us to practice our Deductive Reasoning ability. I thought I'd share it with you.

Who is going to Barker Street?
By JoAnne V. Mc Grath and M. Karen Brown

Five cabbies have been summoned to pick up five fares at the Belaire Business Club. On arrival, they find that their passengers are slightly intoxicated. Each man has a different first and last name, a different profession, a different destination; and each man’s wife has a different first name. Unable to determine who’s who and who’s going where, the cabbies ask you, the central dispatcher, to find out.
  • Who is the baker?
  • What is Burt’s last name?
  • Who is going to Barker Street?
You collect these facts from the intoxicated passengers:
  1. Brad is married to Betty.
  2. Barbara’s husband gets in the third cab.
  3. Bart is a banker.
  4. The last cab goes to Barton Street.
  5. Beatrice lives on Burton Street.
  6. The butcher gets in the fourth cab.
  7. Bret gets in the second cab.
  8. Bernice is married to the broker.
  9. Mr. Barker lives on Burton Street.
  10. Mr. Burger gets in the cab in front of Brenda’s husband.
  11. Mr. Bunger gets in the first cab.
  12. Mr. Baker lives on Burbon Street.
  13. The barber lives on Baker Street.
  14. Mr. Baker gets in the cab in front of Mr. Burke.
  15. The barber is three cabs in front of Brian.
  16. Mr. Burger is in the cab in front of the butcher.
Have fun!

Blessed be.


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