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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Summer Yoga


The temperature could go up as much as 100°F or 38°C during summer here in the Philippines. It is also noted that this summer is the hottest summer ever. As much as I want to turn on the aircon that will increase our electricty bills to create a bigger dent on our budget, I decided to use the summer heat instead of cursing it.

So I laid down my yoga mat, opened my laptop and gave my body a good stretch. I've been practicing yoga for a few months now and I must say that the summer heat makes me more flexible. I do not attend classes as I don't have the budget for those, I simply follow Yoga videos I can find on the internet.

Yoga enthusiasts know that high temperature aids in relaxing the muscles thefore making the practice of yoga easier. There even exists a Hot Yoga where the room is heated up to 105°F or 41°C with a humidity of 40%.

Here's one link I found useful for beginners who want to try yoga at home.

As usual, like any diet and exercise regimen, please consult a doctor first.

An ye harm none. Do as ye will.

Blessed be.


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