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Friday, May 14, 2010

Green for Life!


I may be on summer vacation but it doesn't mean that I do not think of school anymore. In fact, I'm pushing myself to continue working on my Marketing Plan and make it worthy. I might have mentioned in my previous blog entries that I am studying in De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde but I forgot to state the reasons why I stay in this prestigious institution.

1. Scholarship!
Majority of my friends are BASAP scholars and I am a SOFA (upper) scholar. BASAP is open to high school graduates who are currently working and are at least 19 yo. SOFA (upper) is open for DLS-CSB students who have been in the institution for 3 consecutive terms with a GPA of at least 2.0 (80) with no failing or withdrewn subjects. I'm so blessed to receive the scholarship because all the money Ronald and I saved for 3 years were gone in 3 terms.

2. Awards
By the time I took one step into my first class I said to myself "I'll make it to the honor's list even if it mean that I'll have luggage-sized eyebags." I got into DLS-CSB on the 2nd term of SY '07-08 and managed to include my name in the honor's list. My success continued until the 3rd term of SY '08-09. That's when I received an award.

3. Guidance Counselor
Ms. Yeyen is every CDP student's friend. She's ready to listen to all our concerns and anxieties. I had my first appointment with her a few days after my first class. On my 2nd appointment, she said that she often sees me with classmates and I smile more. She really does pay attention.

4. Competent Professors
All our professors for our major subjects must be currently working in the field they choose to teach. We do not spend endless hours memorizing terms and formula. To be in a class is to be lke in a meeting where you will brainstorm with the professor and your classmates. CDP students are required to create an Individual Strategic Business or Marketing Plan on their own, no groupmates and no partners. Competent students will be competent professionals with the proper guidance of competent professors.

5. Class A facilities
Free WiFi baby! Computer rooms are open for all students to use as long as there is no class being held or when the professor allowed them to use the vacant computers. Students with laptops or netbooks can simply connect to the internet using their own login ID and password. Extensive selection of library books up for grabs! We have access to the most updated books needed for our study, including government reports and global reports like Euromonitor for free. All classrooms are clean, properly ventilated and are equipped with a computer and overhead projector to train the presentation skills of students.

There are many things to like about DLS-CSB and the list keeps on growing.

Let your talents lead you to where you can shine.

Animo Benilde!

An ye harm none. Do as ye will.

Blessed be.


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