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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Food for our dogs


I have introduced our fur babies Ram & Roe here in my blog and now I'll share with you what they regularly eat.

They eat 3 cups of dry dog food per meal. We alternate Beef Pro, Lamb Pro & the brand sold in Ace Hardware. A 25-kilogram sack of dry dog food is good for a maximum of three weeks.

Aside from the dry dog food, I add a little extra. I boil lean ground pork, diced potatoes & carrots, then mix 1 tablespoon to the dry dog food for each dog. Sometimes I give them 2 tablespoons of rice to go along with the dry dog food, pork & veggies. I also mix 1 teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar in their food.

Once a month, Mom purchases beef bones from the market, I think that's 10 to 12 pesos per bone. We give 1 bone to each dog as a snack.

We purposely trained our dogs. We can literally dig our hands in their food while their eating and they won't mind, in fact they stop eating when they see my hand on their food bowl.

That's how we love our dogs. Sadly, our love for our dogs may be the reason why someone is trying to hurt them. But that's another story.

My next entry will be the benefits of giving Apple Cider Vinegar to our dogs.

As usual, what I wrote here are based on careful research, opinion from our vet and our own experience. Should you wish to re-create the dog food recipe, please ask your vet first.

An ye harm none. Do as ye will.

Blessed be.


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