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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Roe & Ram our lovely Labradors


Meet Roe and Ram.

These two brought more happiness and craziness to our home. Their day would not be complete without their early morning playtime and belly rubs. They eat dry dog food mixed with boiled lean ground meat and vegetables. Their favorite treats are yogurt, ice cubes and beef jerky. They often compete for our attention by being sweeter than the other. They have not learned to play fetch yet but we're still trying to teach the game to them. They absolute love our son Russell and loves to play with him every afternoon. They stay inside the house during the day and in their dog house at night. They love taking baths and always look forward to bath day. They love having their coats brushed. They are very protective of our home but once they get to know you surely they will show the same affection.

Roe is in heat today and how I wish we'll have Labrador puppies soon. I'm actually reading stuff online on how to take care of a pregnant dog. We'll be so excited once Roe gets pregnant!

Want to know if a Labrador is the right dog for you? Watch this video to find out.

Blessed be.


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