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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Children and Junk Food


It was a Wednesday afternoon and my son is playing outside with his friends. Hubby and I went outside to get something from the storage shack and I saw my son holding a small bag of junk food. I got really upset and disappointed that he did not ask my permission before he ate the junk food. I ordered him to give back the junk food to his friend and to go home. I cut his playtime short because of the junk food. I felt really bad and sad.

I thought I established a routine for him when it comes to junk foods. I trained him to ask me first if he can these type of snacks. I don't want to be the KJ (kill-joy) mom but I don't want my son to be fond of junk foods either. He already eats hotdog, instant noodles and drinks soda on a regular basis so I do not want to add more junk food into his diet.

He loves spaghetti and pizza. And every time I cook spaghetti & pizza sauce I add shredded vegetables in the sauce. He knows that I put vegetables and he thanks me for it. He knows that vegetables can make him healthy and strong. As for fruits, he only eats banana but he drinks fresh squeezed orange juice. We also mix shredded fish into his meal and that made him change his mind about fish being yucky. The most important of all is that he drinks 3 cups of milk and takes his afternoon nap everyday.

How do you make your kids eat healthier?

Please share your tips.

Thank you and Blessed be.


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