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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ideal Partner


The concept of perfection, the aim of endeavor, the standard of excellence... in this chaotic world we live in, idealism is the only thing that keeps us aspiring for the best we could have.

I can say a man is ideal for me when he knows and believes that I am the woman for him. He is slightly taller than me and has a cheerful look on his face. He will do every sane thing possible for me to notice him, even if it means standing outside his house until 9 in the evening just to catch a glimpse of me walking by. He will befriend everyone I know for he knows he needs the approval of everyone if he wants to get close to me. And when he did succeed at capturing my attention, he will not falter, instead he will continue in making me feel special.

He will look into my eyes and listen intently to what I am saying, and he will respond in his own practical manner. He will brush the hair from my eyes, helping me to see the world as beautiful as he sees it. He will hold my hand and guide me in being the best I can be. He will give me a bouquet of flowers during special occasions and knows what my favorite flowers are by simply analyzing the things I say. He will give me the space I need to grow as a person. He will tell me that I’m the most beautiful woman even though I’m 50 pounds overweight. He will wake up several times at night to accompany me to the washroom because I’m too tired too walk carrying a heavy tummy. He will keep quiet when my hormones are the ones in charge of my emotions. He will wait forever until he sees his own son, and when he does, his eyes will shed tears. He will cry without hesitation if he’s hurt and won’t feel less of a man by doing so.

He will hit me with the realities of life. He will argue with me when I am wrong because he wants me to learn from my mistakes. He will turn around and leave when I start my endless bickering so that I’ll stop and think about the situation logically. He will pull me down when I get my head stuck in the clouds. Inevitably, he will hurt me more than I could ever imagine if one day he decides that it is time for us to part.

And this, my friends is the description of my ideal partner.

How about yours?

Blessed be.


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