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Saturday, February 13, 2010

A mommy's gift to her son


The best gift we can give our child is knowledge.

I'm not blogging about education and how important it is. Yes, education is important but the knowledge I mentioned is something only a parent can give.

I decided to write a series of letters for my son. In these letters I will tell him how he lived and I felt about him. It will be similar to a journal or a diary of his life according to me. I thought that he's too young to remember how he lived when he was a baby. And he's still too young to remember the stories should I decide to tell him now.

The age of your child does not matter. Whether he or she is still in the tummy, 2 months old or even 12 years old, it is not too late to start.

You might be thinking...
"When will I give the letters to my son?".
My answer would be...
It is entirely up to you. When the time is right, you will know.

Another doubt you could have is...
"Writing the letter might take up too much of my time."
I will say...
We spend 15 minutes in the shower, another 10 minutes to put on our makeup or a few hours to cook meals. Surely, we can set aside at least 5 minutes a day to write a letter for our child.

The choice is yours, my blog entry is merely a suggestion.

Blessed be.


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