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Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Day: Romantic or Overrated?


It's two days before the great Red Valentine's Day and I can already see red hearts everywhere. I even received my first valentine gift yesterday from my classmate. Now I have a long stemmed rose from Pizza Hut where I met with a supplier for lunch.

What is Valentine's Day all about anyway?

First, let's take a quick peek on how Valentine's Day came to be...

February 14 was supposedly an annual holiday marked for two Christian martyrs named Valentine, one from Rome and the other is from Terni. In the Legenda Aurea, it was said that Valentine was a priest that secretly performs marriages even after a law attributed to the Roman Emperor Claudius II allegedly ordered young men to remain single. Believing that single men make better soldiers than married men.

Valentine's Day is currently the "love" day for everyone. It depicts love and partnership for those who are in a relationship. For singles, it could be either a pain in the neck or a chance for them to find someone.

What is Valentine's Day for me?

It is a a whole day of traffic jammed streets, reservation filled restaurants and long lines in the movie theater. You might think that I'm such a kill joy for saying those things. I'm simply practical, hey I love my husband and all, but I do not think that we should only celebrate love for a day. Love should be celebrated the whole year round. Well, that's coming from someone who has someone in her life.

Valentine's day can be a reminder for single guys and gals out there that love still exists. It is simply a matter of finding the right person whom you can share you whole life with. Love is not all about a walk on the clouds. Love can also be a walk on fire. The question is, are you gonna walk through the fire together?

Some tips for a stress-free Valentine's Day:
The usual:
* Reserve a table at your favorite restaurant to avoid waiting in line with your date
* Purchase your movie ticket ahead of the day, theaters like Greenbelt and Glorietta offers this, check with your favorite movie house to be sure.
* Be unique in choosing a gift. While teddy bears, flowers and chocolates are really sweet, please try to include something that your date will be able to use. A prepaid Spa treatment will delight anyone.

Go all the way!
* Weekend getaway with your partner for some quality bonding.
* Rent a condominium studio unit and cook for your date.
* Be sure to decorate the unit tastefully and romantically.
* Have a dvd movie if the unit has it or put it on your laptop.

Budget and Family friendly:
* Aside from taking your family to a Valentine dinner try this one.
* Get a Valentine Card for your loved one and write there your gift. Something like...
* "This card entitles you to a free whole body massage."
* "Dad, I will wash your car on _____"
* "Mom, I will shine your shoes on _____"

So to all love-birds, love-hopefulls, and love-sicks out there...

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Blessed be.


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