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Monday, January 4, 2010

wise or dumb?


"Wise men fight using their minds. Dumb men fight using their fists."

An unsolicited advice from someone who just witnessed a funny argument between two grown men. Or was it just one grown man and one ill-tempered boy? Hehehe

Never ever let your anger rule over you because you will say irrational sentences that seems dumb and stupid to those who read with such calmness similar to a steady breathing of a baby.

A wise man can control his emotions and talk with reasonable sentences.

I had a hard time focusing on my work because of what I witnessed which triggered an controllable laugher. Until now I couldn't get over what I read. Hehehehe....

Before I end this note a reminder that I always utter...

"Whatever you think, say and do, will come back in thrice to you."

It's 3am. I'd like to get some rest, I have some errands to do in 5 hours.

Blessed be.


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