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Friday, January 8, 2010

SunTzu: Honor the Customer


Sun Tzu - Strategies for Marketing
by Gerald A. Michaelson and Steven W. Michaelson

My brilliant Marketing Strategy professor recommended this book for us to read. Knowing that my professor is a super successful marketing man, I followed his advise and bought one copy. I thought of posting excerpts from the book that might give you an idea on how useful it is for marketing students and professionals. The writers incorporated the Art of War into 12 marketing principles. Principles that can help marketers succeed in the ongoing marketing warfare.

1st Principle - Honor the Customer
If your customer doesn't purchase your product or service, nothing else matters.

In the marketing warfield, the customers are the king and we serve at their pleasure. We should clearly define who they are, what they want for us to give them what they want. As marketing professionals, we must know more about what the customer needs. We can learn about this by taking some time to talk to customers. We should learn to accept that we sometimes fall short of the customer's expectations. Prioritize to do a better job at delivering the customers' needs and they will surely come back to you.

Please note that the summary above is based on my perception of the principle. Should anyone think otherwise, please comment and we can discuss it. As they always say, "Two heads are better than one."

Also it is best for you to also read the whole book to fully grasp the principle.

I'll update you once I finish reading and understanding the second principle.

Blessed be.


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