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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Out with the old. In with the new.


"This 2010 may you rid yourself of the people you cannot trust. You cannot treat them as friends for they do not treat you as one. It is better to be alone than to have so-called friends stabbing you on the back from the front."

Every year we come up with New Year's Resolution, but most of us cannot hold true to our promises. Maybe it's because we surround ourselves with negative people and we get pulled into their negativity as well. Hence, this year we should segmenting people around us as to who they treat us.

I can only classify people as:

Colleagues - Those who you work with and get along in the work place or in school. You're happy when you're with them, you share stories and they share theirs. A true friendship may flourish once trust is established.

So-called friends - You've been hanging out for a very long time, yet trust do not exist. When you're not together, the so-called friend spread your shortcomings and when you're there he / she's all smiles. You stay together for the sake of having someone you can call a "friend" when deep inside you know you cannot trust each other at all.

True friends - You may or may not be together for a long time, yet love is very evident. He / she will tell your shortcomings to your face, they may even slap you with it when needed. They may scold you if you're stupid. They can even hurt you when they speak of the truth. They do this because they are very protective of you. It is better for them to notice the bad things about you first because they know they will still accept you for it.

Look inside you heart and you'll know who your True Friends are. May you learn to improve your relationship with your colleagues, cherish your true friends and let go of the so-called friends.

Blessed be.


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