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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mommy Thursday


I woke my son Russell around 6:30am and asked him to do his morning routine. As I'm preparing his breakfast pancakes, he started complaining and requesting to go back to bed. I dismissed his irritated attitude as a typical school morning where he wants to sleep longer. He laid on the sofa while waiting for me and when I offered his pancakes and milk, he declined. He is saying that this throat hurts and he can't eat.

I immediately got worried as I know my son doesn't make excuses like this. I gave in and let him go back to bed and rest. We called his school to let his teacher know that he's not feeling well. When we got upstairs, he got sick and threw up on a pillow. He didn't eat anything so he's throwing up liquids. Again, I got scared for my son but I maintained a strong face.

I hugged him, despite of his soaked clothes and washed him up. I let him lie on the sofa instead so that if he feels sick again, we can run to the sink together.

He fell asleep for an hour before we decided to take him upstairs to our room. I decided to drop everything I have to do that day to take care of my son. After all, he is the most important item on my priority list.

Now it's 11pm and he's lying peacefully by my side.

I love being a mom. It's the best career any woman could ever have.

Blessed be.


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