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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Art of War - Sun Tzu: Organization of Intelligence


Sun Tzu - Strategies for Marketing
by Gerald A. Michaelson and Steven W. Michaelson

2nd principle - Organization of Intelligence
Know the market as well as you know yourself.

It is nearly imposssible to win the marketing war without assessing the market. It's like going to a class where you fully reviewed all the lessons and notes you have on that subject. The internal and external analysis (SWOT) will provide you with the intelligence you'll need to create your marketing strategies. You can also review the past data and learn from it. Another method would be benchmarking, It is where you learn from any organization, best if the organiztaion is the market leader. Also, it is also useful for marketers to interact with the customers and learn directly from them. Accurate perceptions of the market is the the result of proper research. With these accurate perceptions, good judgments will be made and effective marketing strategies will be created. Of course, in every war a spy is present, so be careful with your secrets or the competetitor will crash you.

Please note that the summary above is based on my perception of the principle. Should anyone think otherwise, please comment and we can discuss it. As they always say, "Two heads are better than one."

Also it is best for you to also read the whole book to fully grasp the principle.

Thank you for reading.

Blessed be.


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