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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Russell's 5th Birthday Party preps


My son will be celebrating his 5th birthday in school on the 27th, the exact date of his birthday. We are all excited that I forgot to ask his teacher the exact number of his classmates. Estimating the size of the class to 15 students, Ronald and I went to Divisoria last weekend to buy the loot bag contents. Here are the items we purchased and its prices:

20 - Invitations - 36
30 - Lollipop - 80
24 - Loot bags - 30
15 - School kit- 150
15 - Bubbles - 150
Total - 446php

We bought all the items from the basement area of Divisoria mall. The area was so crowded that I didn't bother to scout around for the most affordable items. Monday came and we learned that Russell only has 6 classmates plus 2 kids who attend the tutorial sessions during their class. I think we'll just give away the remaining loot bags to the kids who live in our neighborhood.

A party will not be complete without food and cake. At first, I
considered ordering from the nearest fastfood and have the it delivered to the school. However, Ronald decided it will be more affordable if I prepare the food myself, yeah right, I'm the one who'll cook, so good luck. The menu will be simple; spaghetti, hotdog & marshmallow on stick, chocolate lollipops, drinks and of course the cake. We'll order the cake from Red Ribbon, it will be the Me & Ben 10 cake worth 1,050php.

9 more days to go before the party.

Blessed be.


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