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Friday, October 30, 2009

October 31: Not a holiday


Apparently the Palace sent out unclear announcements whether October 31 is a declared holiday.

October 21 - It was announced via the ABS-CBN Yahoo! news page that October 31 is indeed a holiday.

October 22 - According to, the employers will be the one to decide whether to allow their employees to work for only half the day.

Why do I care?

I have classes during Saturday afternoon and I want to bring my son to the Trick-or-Treat event in Greenbelt 5.

This is so confusing!

One classmate of mine who also works for DLS-CSB Space Department mentioned that they only have to work until 12nn tomorrow, another schoolmate said that according to they professor there will be no class on Saturday. Yet the CDP Department who handles the Business Mngt and Marketing Mngt students remains silent on whether there will be a class on Saturday.

Argh! I so don't want to attend school tomorrow!

Blessed be.


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