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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Control Drama


A control drama is a scenario that a person does in order to manipulate another person into what the controller wants. There are four control dramas, and these the interrogator, indimidator, aloof and poor me. (Celestine Prophecy)

An interrogator asks a series of questions in order to find something wrong about the person she is conversing with.

An intimidator is an over-confident person who loves to be center of attention and often scare other people away.

An aloof would like to control a situation by answering too little to questions asked to her, in order to keep the conversation centered to her.

Poor me is a drama of those who are always seeking pity from others in order to direct the attention towards them.

Every person has her own control drama when presented into a situation she is not comfortable with. In order to evolve continually, it is believed that a person should determing what her control drama is and avoid repeating it.

My control drama is aloof, I am very uncomfortable in places especially when I do not know anybody so imagine what a first day in school or work would be for me. Often people asks me questions and I simply reply a couple of words. It is so weird that I am in the marketing field for we are expected to be confident and ready to speak with people we don't even know. I'm still working on eliminating my aloofness and avoid the 3 other control dramas during the process.

Think about it, which of the control dramas are most often seen in you?

Blessed be.


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