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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Case Analysis Outline


At De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde, to be a competent marketing professional, we are all expected to apply the knowledge through cases analysis papers. I’ve done case analysis papers before in my business ethics class, personnel management class and now in marketing strategy class. This time we are expected to be really adept in analyzing business situations according to the information presented.

Yet now I felt as though I’m still new to the proper process of analyzing these business cases, so even if I’m constrained for time I decided to read the lectures of the marketing strategy book I borrowed for the DLS-CSB library. The aim of each case analysis is to formulate a decision to solve the problem or improve the condition of the company.

And according to the book Strategic Marketing Problems, Cases and Comments by Kerin & Petterson, the decision making process can be described as DECIDE:

Define the problem.
Enumerate the decision factors.
Consider relevant information.
Identify the best alternative.
Develop a plan for implementing the chosen alternative.
Evaluate the decision and the decision process.

In order to properly analyze the cases it will be helpful to follow the Marketing Case Analysis Worksheet presented by the authors, it is a series of questions that will guide the student to accurately analyze the case. It is divided to four categories with 3-5 questions for each category.

Nature of industry, market, and buyer behavior
1. What is the nature of industry structure, conduct, and performance?
2. Who are the competitors, and what are their strengths and weaknesses?
3. How do consumers buy in this industry or market?
4. Can the market be segmented? How? Can the segments be quantified?
5. What are the requirements for success in this industry?

The organization
1. What are the organization’s mission, objectives, and distinctive competency?
2. What is the offering to the market? How can its past and present performance be characterized? What is its potential?
3. What is the situation in which the manager or organization finds itself?
4. What factors have contributed to the present situation?

A plan of action
1. What actions are available to the organization?
2. What are the costs and benefits of action in both qualitative and quantitative terms?
3. Is there a disparity between what the organization wants to do, should do, can do, and must do?

Potential outcomes
1. What will be the buyer, trade, and competitive response to each course of action?
2. How will each course of action satisfy buyer, trade, and organization requirements?
3. What is the potential profitability of each course of action?
4. Will the action enhance or reduce the organization’s ability to compete in the future?

This is the outline I followed in making my first case analysis for my Marketing Strategy class. I started reading at 11:00pm and finished the report by 6:00am.

Have a blessed Saturday to all.



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