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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

thinking out loud


Happy and content are not the words I can use to describe what I perceive about my recent performance in school. Sure most students will think I'm crazy for thinking the way I do now since I'm still performing above average according to standards, the DLS-CSB students standard not the entire academe.

I failed to meet my own standard. Yes it can be ridiculously high and the saying "Aim for the sky, you'll hit the roof" have the highest possibility to be true but isn't it better is we aim for the sky and reach it too?

The thing is, whenever I fail to get something I often fall apart and lose determination to fight back. This is the most undesirable trait I have that I'm still trying hard to remove from my system. There's also a saying that "Every time you fall, dust yourself and get back on the horse", still I'm wondering how can I make myself dust myself and get back on the horse if I'm the problem?

Self-help articles and podcasts are no good either. Logically thinking, how can you help yourself if yourself is the problem? confused? ditto!

This is me, Amphitrite Redmist, thinking aloud on a sunny yet rainy tuesday afternoon.. hhhmm.. maybe I'm confused because the weather is confusing...

oh whatever!

Blessed be.


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