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Friday, August 7, 2009

Skinplicity, massage @ 200


It was a typical tuesday afternoon for me. I went out at 2pm to head for school but when my ride moved along Penafrancia St here in Paco I caught a glimpse of a tarpaulin on the window of Skinplicity an affordable beauty place. The sign said "Full Body Massage P199.95", and I thought to myself that I cannot endure the throbbing pain and spasms of my back so I requested for the jeepney driver to stop and I hopped off.

The first glance:
I had my first facial in Skinplicity a few years ago so the place is not entirely new to me, except that they moved to the opposite side of the street. When I opened the door, I expected someone to greet me, after all I'm a customer yet no one did, a lady asked me "Ano po yun?" Hardly a warm welcome, or a pleasant greeting from someone who works at an establishement that provides beauty treatments. I looked around and noticed that the ladies who used to work there was gone and I all I saw was new faces.

I'm not the type who gets bothered when I'm not greeted so I just told here that I'll have a massage then she motioned me over to the sofa and handed me a magazine. No one asked me to sign a notebook or index card or even asked my name. She didn't mention if someone will prepare the massage area or if I have to wait because there is no available attendant.

I was not in a hurry so I skimmed the magazine and the lady called me saying that the massage bed is ready. I followed here upstairs or at least tried to because I found myself walking the stairs alone. When I reached the second floor, I overheard them having a conversation on who's going to do the massage and who will attend to the other customer. The conversation was a bit loud and should not be heard by a customer. It seemed that they have very little skills on what to do and what not to do when there is a customer.

Massage area:
As usual I was asked to strip down to my undies and lie face down on the bed. It would have been easier if the massage area was covered entirely with curtains but no, one side is open and I do not know why.

Massage bed:
The bed was a make-shift massage bed, there is a hole for me to dip my face it but I found it too big hence I needed to balance my forehead on the bed.

As expected the bed was covered in towels, but there's a bit unattractive about the scent of the towels, it smelled like wet wooden cabinets, or maybe I'm always used to towels from my previous spa experiences that smells like aromatic oils.

The actual massage:
So the attendant asked my preferences "hard or soft massage", I always choose hard anyway. It was painful and relaxing at the same time. She focused on the hard knots on my upper back and shoulders. She might have felt my pain because she asked me if the pressure is too hard. The oil she used was a bit sticky yet it moisturized my uber dry skin and she wipes the oil away after massaging one part of the body. I think the massage lasted a bit over an hour.

The attendant disappeared, too bad I was supposed to give her a tip. So I went downstairs and gave the receptionist 500, when she gave my change I noticed that she didn't even bother to write down the service they provided and didn't give me a receipt.

I'll come back to Skinplicty in a couple of weeks for another pampering massage. It doesn't matter if the attendants are not perky like in other spas I've tried, the massage worked wonders on my aching back and it only costed me 200 bucks..

Have a relaxing weekend everyone.

Blessed be.


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