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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tea Latte addiction


Ok let's face the it. Some of us are hooked up on the expensive Tea Lattes by cafe chains across the city. Yet do we need to spend a hundred fifty pesos everyone we need a quick tea fix? Some of you must be answering YES! while some are saying NO! Well, there's no right answer here, it depends on how you work around your budget. I' did not write this blog entry to lecture on the importance of money or the value of the things that we purchase and all that heavy stuff. I'm here to share something I'm currently hooked on minus the expensive cost.

I drink tea latte 2x a day, sometimes 3x a day. You might be thinking "she's crazy! spending Php500 a day on tea lattes!". Hahaha! Calm down everyone, I'm trying to live frugal and minimize my spending. So how'd I manage to get hooked on tea latte without buring a hole in my pocket?

I make my own tea latte and here's how I did it:
- I bought a tea pot worth P88 from Japan Store. This store spread like wild grass and can be found on almost all malls in metro manila. Surely you can find this in Robinson's Manila and Parksquare 1.
- I bought tea leaves / bags. This part will depend on what you want, I accidentally bought tea leaves and I found them to have a stronger taste than those in tea bags yet it's a bit hassle to remove the leaves from the tea pot.
- I took out the bottle of vanilla extract, powdered milk and sugar from our kitchen cabinet.

- I put two teaspoons of the tea leaves in the teapot, if you have tea bags, one tea bag will do. I let the tea leaves stay for a couple of minutes.
- I poured the tea into my into my starbucks mug, it's 300ml I think.
- I mixed around 4 teaspoons of powdered milk, I used anchor because it's the one available in our house.
- I added 1 teaspoon of sugar and 1-2 drops of vanilla extract.

- Stir and enjoy.

That's it! Tea latte on a budget!

You may add more milk and sugar if you want to achieve the tea latte taste from starbucks or coffea bean & tea leaf. I did this once, that's how I realized that the tea latte I was drinking during a girl's night out was full of sugar and not healthy.

It's time for me to drink up.

Some recipes I found online, you might want to try them, send me a message on how it went.

Blessed be!


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