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Monday, July 13, 2009

Research on the effect of FB on friendships Share


So the trail I made reached the destination. Somebody said to look in the mirror before speaking. Everyone looks into the mirror from time to time but not everyone calls the aid of mommies to fight their fight because only kids do that.

What I did can be compared to a scientific research to reach a conclusion or recommendation, only I used qualitative data instead of data which can be tabulated. Here's a summary:

The level of maturity of a person inside the discussions on FB and its effect on friendships.

Data that will be gathered:
Various posts from FB comments page

Method of collection:
Reading the comments page:

a group of friends who are existing for a decade
- 30+ year old male and female
- single, married or separated

Area of collection:
Pages of dainty girl's, happy-go-lucky, bash king, ready-to-wed

Posts on FB can make or break a friendship

- Alaskador comments on all the pages, using the usual alaskador tone
- Ready-to-wed posts song lyrics in response to the discussions
- Happy-go-lucky goes with the flow of the discussion trying to maintain peace
- Bash king simply bashes a person called Mr.Pogi
- Dainty girl gets upset because she don't like alaskador to interact on her page then asked friends / family to fight her fight
- Bubbly girl participated in the early discussions only
- Mr.Pogi remains silent throughout the observation
- Loving sister fueled the fire with gas
- No picture keeps on rearing the blog/posts topic from of subject matter
- Other participants made minimal contributions during the observation period

The level of maturity of a person does show on the discussions here on FB. It is evident on how a person handles the situation and not by how he constructs his sentences. An immature person will be the breaking point of a friendship, it may only here in FB or even in real life.

A few lessons I learned from observing the reactions made by a certain group of people towards each other.

A mature person...
- can handle any comment thrown to him whether it is constructive or destructive
- will not be ruled by his/her emotions throughout the discussion
- will prove his/her point by him/herself

True friends...
- can handle any comment thrown by a fellow friend
- can accept each others opinions.
- will not drag anyone out of the group just because he/she can't prove his/her point anymore
- will remain friends in spite of the exchange of spicy words

Thank you to all the participants of this research, whether direct or indirect. You've been a tremendous help to people who are trying to find out the effect of Fb on their friendships. It's been a good and amusing learning experience.


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