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Sunday, July 12, 2009

I need reinforcements!!!!!!


I know someone dainty and sweet. NOT!

She have this habit of posting on FB and then branding those who react on her posts as "pa-join". She even have the nerve to call in her friends and relatives to keep bringing down anyone who responds to her posts. Not all the responses to her posts are violent, some are in agreement to what she posted still her "reinforcements" can't keep their disrespectful comments to themselves.

What's the point in posting something on your status wall if you don't want anything to react to it?

You know who you are, though I'm not sure if you can read this for we are not contacts here in FB anymore.

Here are some things you need to ponder on:
Wall - All posts here are visible to all your contacts can see. Hence, you are giving EVERYONE the right to respond to your posts.
Message - Posts here will be visible only to chosen contacts whom you want to read your post.
Chat - Here you can interact with contacts real-time.

You're what? 30 years old and you're still dragging your friends and relatives into your petty arguments about a simple subject on your FB stream? Isn't that how high school students fight? So you're a teenager in a 30 year old body?

You're supposed to be barkadas, girl if this is how you treat your barkada then you have no need for enemies. Now I'm not wondering why you're still single, even a girl like me wouldn't stand your attitude. I still stand by your tag as "drama queen" and my decision to remove you from my contacts list.

Think about it.


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