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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

drawing down the moon


Merry meet.

Three months had passed since my energy was heighten astronomically. Indeed the phrase "practice makes perfect" is true for whenever I'm too lazy to practice, I forget the kind of life that I want to live. A calling that I heard years ago, yet was silenced by hatred and jealousy, called to me once again. Now I am confident this is the path for me.

A path of freedom stretching before me.
Freedom to choose for myself.
Freedom to search for the truth.
Freedom to believe in the balance of all things.
Freedom to do as I will as long as I harm none.

The tools I used were not complete, but it is not the tools that creates magick, for true magick comes from within. Tools are merely instruments for our physical self, a manifestation and a reminder of our practice. Still, I continued seeking for shops where I can purchase the tools I need and I found a them. One is in malate, while the other one conducts the business online. Now all I need to go to the shop or order online.

Until the next esbat.

Blessed be.


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