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Sunday, July 12, 2009

And then sister stepped in...


Before I connect this to my previous blog entry, some of you guessed right on who I'm referring to.

Today, the sister stepped in and "attempted" to stop the discussion by adding her own fuel to the fire. She even suggested her dainty sister to remove a person from her contacts list, (de ja vu) like what she was to her dainty sister way before this situation happened.

She failed to read the agreeing reply to her dainty sister's blog / stream and smoldered a certain someone through her "highly educated" and grammatically correct reply. She failed to ANALYZE on who really started the arguement on the blog / stream that she's replying to. Payabangan na naman ang nangyari of course. Just another reinforcement of a spineless teenager trapped in a 30-year old body.

To the sister:
How old are you to include yourself in a petty discussion? Yes you're the older sister and you're looking out for your dainty little sister, but aren't your dainty little sister too old to be rescued by you? Oh shucks! I forgot she's a teenager in mind and have limited ability to express her own opinion (based on my observations).

Let's see if dainty girl deletes her friend, as what her older sister has instructed. If she do then she proved how spineless she really is.

If dainty girl does remove this person from her contact list she's not a big loss anyway, she's been absent from barkada get together since a bubbly girl barkada went abroad. She's not even showing any sign of remorse if she cannot attend the get together. I think she's trying to break anyway from the barkada anyway. Well if that's how she is as a barkada then the barkada don't need an enemy after all.

It seemed that my opinion on their barkada is correct after all. They mean SHIT to each other, well generally anyway. There are a handful whom you can really depend your life on while most are just there for the show and the glitter of being in a barkada.

To everyone who wishes to reply on dainty girl's posts here's what you can do to avoid being smoldered by people she call friends, and family.
- Wipe and kiss her feet if you need to.
- Compliment her blog by agreeing to it all the time.
- Never challenge her ability to reply to the discussion (she can't do this)
- If you do want her in the discussion, be prepared to be killed multiple times by her highly intelligent and sarcastic reinforcements.

To dainty girl's barkada:
- Do still want to be associated with a person like her?
- Do you think after a few times she did not include herself in the barkada get together gives you a clue that she's not interested anymore?
- Ponder on the recent events and not the past, we're not in a history lecture here.
- Yes, you've been barkadas for one decade but you need to decide for the future of your barkada based on the current events.

Several giveaway clues on who I'm referring to:
- She's 30 years old
- She's physically small and dainty
- She celebrated her birthday during the 2nd quarter of the year
- Majority of you whom I tagged in my FB note is connected to her one way or another (some are in only tagged to be aware)

Disclaimer: I'm not starting a fight, I'm telling the story as I see it.


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