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Friday, June 26, 2009

What's the deal with love?


"love is like a poker game... you take the risk, you use your instincts, you wont play if you dont have a wager, you wont bet if you know that you loose...but if you loose and nothing is left to you... its ok, at least you played with all your heart to be happy..."

Our personality shows in every word we utter or write (in FBs case), yet the reality of it all relies in the decisions we make. If we compare love to game much more in gambling, what does our quote say about us?

It is evident that we do not know the meaning of love at all. Well, I'm not really surprised when I read the quote above, it's very predictable. And eventhough I know he's older than me, I still think he's immature for his age. Someone told me that he is intelligent, maybe he's book smart but he is still an ass for me. Is it not immature for someone to get into a relationship like a "to do list"?

Example To Do List:
1>> get a girlfriend (done), get her pregnant (done), get out of the relationship (done)
2>> get a girlfriend (done), get her pregnant (done), get married (done), try get out of the relationship (pending)
3>> get a girlfriend (done), get her pregnant (done), get out of the relationship (done)
4>> finish the 3rd item on To do list 2

What is the common denominator? The cheater... I simply hate cheaters. That's all there is to this blog entry. And I hate people who are always trying to give their opinions about love and life when their lives are so screwed up because of the wrong decisions they are making.

Here's an advice.
Being in-love, falling in love and loving are three different situations. Find out the true meaning of love before saying "I love you" to someone. When you learned that love is a decision and not a mere feeling then hold on to your decision. Otherwise, do not love at all.

Blessed be.


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