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Tuesday, June 16, 2009



I decided to create a new blog because my previous one had gone stale, angst-full, and a too business-minded. Since I want to slowly reinvent myself, I thought that I everything about me should be adjusted too. It’s a bit weird to start a blog in the middle of the year without looking at the past months. So here it goes…


The start of 2009 made me a bit weary because of the recession; still I can’t stop smiling because of a few things.

Our new year’s eve was very yummy, thanks to mama’s awesome cooking; I only took care of the dessert which I bought from the supermarket to ensure a smooth cash inflow for the year.
I know this happened on December 2008 but I want to post it anyway, a picture of our new labrador Roe with Ronald and Russell.
I went for a roadtrip to tagaytay with my friends, Pearl, Ambie, Cynthia and Abe, it was such a refreshing and recharging day for us.
And the most exhilarating experience for this month was the field trip Ronald and I took with our son, we spent the whole day together sightseeing and playing with each other. We went to La Mesa Eco Park, and Museo Pambata, it feels so good to see your son having so much fun while learning.

This was also the start of a new term for me at De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde where I am currently studying BS Marketing Management, an advanced program for those who are either working or managing their own business. I enrolled in the subjects Organizational Communication, Advertising Management, Quantitative Techniques in Business and Methods of Research (introduction to thesis work). I’m also thankful for this year because I only paid the miscellaneous fee instead of fifty grand because I was granted 100% scholarship.

Ronald took Russell and me for a pre-Valentine's day dinner at Kamameshi house. The food was very authentic, fairly similar and definitely better than our usual Japanese restaurant Rai Rai Ken.


This month was all about work for me. No valentine’s day with hubby this year because we the Breakout Events Management organized a wedding to be celebrated on February 14. Sad and happy as the same time.

Pre-nuptial shoot behind-the-scenes with the couple Jeff and Yen, photographer Paulo, stylist River, fellow coordinators Ahra and Pearl, and classmate Jovel.
The wedding ceremony and reception…
We also bought a boyfriend / husband for Roe, hehehe. Ronald and I bought him from a breeder in farview, I mean, Fairview. Ram the male Labrador is a bit shy, moves really slow and very calm, the exact opposite of playful and loud Roe.


I turned twenty-five (ouch!) this month, and the years are actually showing on the corners of my eyes. It’s due to the lack of sleep I’m experiencing for I must balance my time between my family, school and work. A day before my birthday, I treated my classmates to a souvenir picture, a charity project by JMA.
Then on the day of my birthday, I got sick with fever, colds and experienced my whole body shaking uncontrollably.

Russell and I went to MV Doulos, the largest floating library with my classmates Annalyn, Jovel and Susie. We were expecting a ship like SuperFerry, much to our disappointment it is slightly bigger than the Sikat ferry that travels to Puerto Galera. We bought two books and a bag. After the tiring trip, Russell, Jovel and I went to Jollibee in SM Manila for a little snack.

It’s also the month where I tried joining the Nido contest, the one year supply of milk was such a great motivation. Sad though because we didn’t make it to Top 10, still I want to thank everyone who voted for our video specially to Josh, you’re the man!
Russell moved up from pre-nursery to kindergarden, yes he skipped nursery. He also got the Best in Reading award, because of his enthusiasm in books. Teacher Camille is a great teacher, while she’s very efficient in teaching academic subjects she also teaches how to care for environment to her students.

This is also the month where I decided to take Lady’s Choice Mayo Lite as my product for my thesis. Thank you Paulo.


Finals month!! Haggardness!!! A lot of sleepness nights, making the evasive Research Plan while crying my eyes out and drinking strong coffee. Thank goddess that I got exempted from taking the Quantitative Techniques in Business final exam, for the no-brainer Organizational Final Exam and the easy Advertising Plan for the Advertising Management class. After a gruesome term, I managed to stay in the Dean’s List with a term average of 3.6 and a GPA of 3.4. So time to celebrate!

First, an overnight swimming in Laguna with my friends / classmates in DLS-CSB.

Then off to a weekend bonding time in Galera with Pearl and Ambie.


And it’s vacation time!!!!
First agenda was to enroll Russell in swimming lessons at PCA, the nearest location to our house.

Next we attended the wedding of Ronald's former officemate, Jomai and Leslee. The buffet at Dusit Hotel was awesome!

Then it was to buy an inflatable pool for Russell to practice his skills a little while off season.

After a month of vacation, reality by the name of DLS-CSB smacked me hard on the face. School opened on May 20 and I was back to my stressful routine. I enrolled in Business Finance, Income Taxation, Business Law 1 (Obligations & Contracts), Sales Management and Marketing Research (Part 2 of thesis). I just want to sing, “I will survive, I will survive, yeah yeah!”.

Before the month ended, Pearl and I coordinated the wedding of Filbert and Andrea. With the assistance of Grace and Tanya, everything went almost perfect.


Hmm… Wait for it…. Next time na lang. Hehehe!

Thanks for joining me as I reminisced about my past.

Blessed Be!


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