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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Storytelling time


There's this woman, wondering why she's still single when most women her age have their own families and kids. She's sad and turned to her friends. One of them is happy in a relationship yet she's always suspicious that her partner is cheating on her. Another one thinks she knows it all because she's a graduate of a known university who lives on the thought that love is a game.

Hmm.. what does the future hold for these three friends? Let's just wait and see.

Oh goddess, sorry I'm such in a bitchy mode. (si Red kasi eh) I honestly don't want anything to do with these people but they are so funny that is why I chose them to be my subject in this blog entry. In fact I already deleted one of them, well the other one isn't in my FB list anyway, the other one retained because I might have a future business undertaking with her.

My brain is bleeding so pardon me for all this nonsense. I might as well end this entry with an advice.

Do not try to teach things you do not know and haven't experienced, for if you do, you're no different from a blind leading another blind to their death.

Blessed be.


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