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Thursday, June 18, 2009

A little "Thank you" would be nice


I suppose everyone felt unappreciated even once in their whole lifetime. It sucks to get all excited over a simple thing that you want to do for someone yet that person swats your plans like a pesky mosquito. Is yearning to celebrate a special day makes you delusional or is the world becoming too practical that life isn't worth celebrating anymore?

We tend to forego the present and plan too much on tomorrow. Don't take me wrong, planning is essential but too much planning is like living in time frame that doesn't exist. Yes we have to weigh all the variables related to the things we want to do but can we really plan for the future and still enjoy living in the present?

Now I am stuck between pursuing my plans and letting the weekend pass by ordinarily. It is always hard to point out your reason to someone who doesn't like to celebrate and live within a circle of "ifs". A little "Thank you" would be nice, at least I know you appreciate my effort in thinking on how to celebrate you. Still, is hoping for gratitude contradicts the spirit of giving?

Therefore in order not to get disappointed, let us stop yearning to be appreciated.

Blessed be y'all.


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