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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Keep Moving for a Healthier You


American Council of Exercise 

is reminding us to 

Keep Moving.

Raeka is my progressive weight training system.
My motivation to Keep Moving.

How can we incorporate movement into our busy lives?

1. Set a movement alarm.
- Pwede sa phone mo, vibrate lang or kung meron ka fitness band set it to vibrate every 30 minutes or 1 hour. Cr break muna tapos perform 10 squat, wall push up or side bends, kahit nga lakad lang ok na din.

2. Play with your kids / pamangkins / dogs.
- Oo pagod tayo lahat sa gawaing-bahay at trabaho. Try natin na kahit 10 minutes lang makipaglaro tayo sa bata o sa aso. Sure yan, excited sila makita ka pag-uwi mo, don't dampen their excitement and just play. Bawas stress din yan mga bes, plus bonding time pa.

3. Active TV / Netflix / IFlix time
- Parehas ba kita na addict manood ng tv? Oo inaamin ko, kaya ko manood ng 3 movie sunod-sunod, guilty ako dyan ng bongga. Habang nakaupo ka sa sofa o sa sahig, singitan mo ng tig-10 leg raise, side bends, chest press o kahit stretch lang ng likod para iwas bad posture. Nood ka rin ng suspense na movie / series para mapapatayo, mapapatalon o mapapatakbo ka tuwing nakakatakot na. Sorry ako pala yan, hahaha!

4. Active Travel
- Guilty ako dito mula nung nagkaron ng kotse. Lalakad lang papunta sa kotse at pagbaba. Ngayon, kapag hindi ko kasama ang bossings ko, sa medyo malayo ako nagpa-park or I use the stairs instead of the escalator / elevator. Kung commute ka using public transpo, at may ilang steps ka na nilalakad bago makasakay ulit ng jeep ok na yan. Kung 1 ride lang naman ang commute mo, subukan mo bumaba ng hindi sakto sa babaan mo para may mailakad ka kahit kaunti.

Ladies & Gents, apat pa lang maisip ko sa ngayon, marami pa yan.

Feel free to add your own tips on how we can MOVE more by leaving a comment below.


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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Raeka Learns: Time to Clean the Materials


Raeka is enrolled in a new school where she receives structured education and learns how to socialize. However, I noticed that she needed a break from actual school work. In the eyes of a child, assignments & worksheets sometimes take the fun out of learning. 

So I racked my tired mommy brain for some hands-on activities to help take her mind off the assignments for a while. 

Practical Life Lessons comes into the picture. 

Montessori schools usually teach these but since Raeka's school does not have this in the curriculum, I might as well continue where we left off.

I brought out our Find the Letters activity. I asked her if she wants to be a great helper today.

Good thing she answered, "Yes yes yes! I wanna spray and wipe my Abc papers!" 

She looked so confident about herself and I felt relieved that I won't have to do wipe clean the plastic folders by myself.  Although I enrolled her in a school, it does not mean that I am putting myself out of her learning process. I still believe that as a parent, I still have the responsibility to continue educating my child at home. 

Do you have ideas on what Practical Life Lessons to teach?

Please share them by commenting below.

A diligent heart: Find the Letters

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Monday, June 19, 2017

review: Coramille Learning Center


Raeka attended Coramille Learning Center last year for nursery level and I can really say that it was the best decision we made for our princess.

First day in Coramille Learning Center's Summer Program

She became excited to wake up everyday because "IT'S TIME FOR SCHOOL!"

Daddy Ron prepared her yummy and healthy hat for Nutrition Month activity.

She learned how to share and wait for her turn.

She absolutely loves her uniform and sharing the blocks with her classmates.

She appreciated the differences between her classmates.

Buwan ng Wika celebration.

She started working independently on her activities.

My little artist showing off her first masterpiece.

Raeka's attitude improved during her year with teacher Aimee, teacher Ruth and ate Gorcie.

She understood why we need trees to live.

And most importantly,

Raeka became so passionate to learn that she often asks me to give her learning activities after school.

Still learning even after the graduation rites.

I really appreciated all the hard work and cooperation we received from teacher Aimee and her team. We still communicate even though now that Raeka is already in big school. 

So for those seeking for activities for their toddler, you can never go wrong with Coramille Learning Center.

facade of the school

Coramille Learning Center
2225 Suter corner Medel St.
Sta. Ana, Manila
994 1610
0905 300 7397 

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